Jan 2020

5 Simple Steps to Healing

There seem to be Five Simple Steps of Healing that I see happen in the Energy Therapy work that I do.  I have outlined the steps below.  The process is so easy and simple and flows quickly and easily within a session.  I think the most important part is to continue on your journey.  Invest in yourself and your healing… create a new life story!  Let’s break down each section with more clarity.

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Feb 2018

Healing Emotions With Essential Oils

I am in love with Essential Oils.  They have helped me heal in so many ways.  I first started with essential oils for their physical properties.  We use them for upset stomachs, headaches, pain, warts, acne, rashes, stings, etc.  They are so useful.  As I learned more about essential oils I learned that they have an amazing effect on our emotions.  I saw powerful change within myself and family members as I began to treat emotions with the oils and the benefits were that dis-ease in the body began to subside.

Essential oils assist the body in 3 main ways: 

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Nov 2017

Gratitude Brings Joy Into Our Lives

Gratitude can go such a long way in helping to change our outlook on life.  I always say, what we focus on expands.  If we are in constant worry, fear, doubt or thinking about lack, that is exactly what will show up in our lives.

I love the thought of a gratitude journal.  Taking just a few minutes as we wake up in the morning or as we fall asleep at night, to remember all of our blessings and the things that we are grateful for can make a big difference.  As I go to sleep thinking about those wonderful things, my dreams and thoughts are happy and peaceful.
Manifesting has never come so easy when I am in constant thoughts of my blessings and there being an abundance for everyone.  So here’s a little challenge for anyone who is ready to feel more joy, peace and contentment.{Read More}