Dec 2016

Visualize A Life FREE of Anxiety

visualize-300x225Visualizations are a powerful way to create the life that you want.  Many who suffer with Anxiety dream of a day when they can be free of worry, fear and the weight of others burdens that they carry.  As well as freedom from depression and worry of a panic attack coming on.
You have an awesome power inside you that many have never been taught to use effectively.

Elite athletes use it. The super rich use it, as well as peak performers in all fields now use it.  Trainers and health coaches use it. That power is called visualization.

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Oct 2016

Slaying The Dragons In Our Minds

I learned from a powerful mentor that Negative Emotions= Dragons.  It is our responsibility to  ‘Slay the Dragons’ or negative emotions in our minds.  On a daily basis we have thousands of thoughts that run through our head.  With a little practice we can very easily turn those negative emotions into positive thoughts.  

When we don’t take care of emotions that are out of check, then we end up pushing them onto others or get bogged down with the heaviness of the emotion. This negative emotion literally keeps us from moving forward with our dreams and goals. This is often because we are so distracted by negativity from the emotion.
Some common negative emotions are Fear, Anger, Disappointment, Embarrassment or Sadness.  These negative emotions can get stuck in our subconscious mind from experiences in our lives and then the emotion just keeps playing on in the movie of our lives.  But, it doesn’t have to stay like this.  We can be the chain breaker in our families! Here is a quick and easy exercise to help slay some of the dragons in your mind. 

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Oct 2016

Balancing the Chakras

Chakras Female Silhouette

In my work as an energy coach, I have seen over and over this last week that Chakra 4 and 7 are out of balance with my clients.  The 4th Chakra is connected to the Heart and the 7th Chakra is our connection with the Divine.  When these two Chakras are out of alignment simultaneously, you can have a hard time focusing, you may feel like you are living in a fog and may experience anxiety and depression.  You may also have a weakened immune system and circulation problems.

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