I recently learned a valuable lesson on a conference call for my business.  My coach asked me what my win was for that day.  I had to really think hard.  I had been focusing on everything I hadn’t done and comparing myself to everyone else and I was missing out on the JOY of all the things that I had done right.  I decided in that very moment that I was going to start focusing on my wins.

The next morning I took a little post it note out  and wrote “WINS” on the top of it with the date.  It was as if I was expecting the wins to come and boy did they ever.  By noon that day I had already written 6 wins on my list.  I love the phrase, “What we focus on expands”.  It is so true, I was looking for and focusing on the wins and they kept showing up.

So much of our life is run on programming from our subconscious mind.  There are so many limiting beliefs bottled up there.  As we get clear on what we really want, these limiting beliefs can crop up and try to keep us in “safe” mode.  By safe mode, I mean in your comfort zone.  But when focus on what we want and set an expectation for it to happen- this is when the magic happens and we transform those false beliefs into a story we can be proud of.

3 Easy TIPS to Win Big

  1. Set an expectation or intention for each day.  Write it out on a piece of paper and put it where you can see it.  For example, just writing wins on the top of a paper with the date, set my mind to expecting and looking for the wins.
  2. When false beliefs crop up, keep your eye on the prize.  Create an image in your mind of what that WIN looks like or what it is that you want.  See yourself enjoying it.  Feel the sensation of others giving you a high five or congratulating you. You may not even know what the WINS will look like, but you can still put an image in your mind of you looking at a long list of wins and being proud at the end of the day.
  3. The last step is so easy.  Show gratitude for the WINS.  Praise God for them showing up in your life and repeat again the next day.

Please share any wins that you have had in the comments below.  To book a free clarity call with Tara, simply call her at 801-367-5731 or visit her website at www.joyinthemountains.com for other great self-help articles.



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