Healing Emotions With Essential Oils

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I am in love with Essential Oils.  They have helped me heal in so many ways.  I first started with essential oils for their physical properties.  We use them for upset stomachs, headaches, pain, warts, acne, rashes, stings, etc.  They are so useful.  As I learned more about essential oils I learned that they have… Read more »

Light The World

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I recently started a challenge with a number of other people.  The challenge is called, Light the World, Build the Kingdom 90 day challenge.  For 90 days we are getting down on our knees every morning and asking God how we can share our light that day and build the kingdom.  When we get that… Read more »

Raising Your Personal Value In 4 Simple Steps

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So many women do not know or even understand their true potential and value.  You are the offspring of an almighty God and so you are therefore Royal.  You have all the qualities and abilities inside you to become like God.  Just like a little seedling does not look like a mighty oak tree at… Read more »