Inspire Passion in Your Life to Renew Your Joy

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Throughout our lives, many of us can feel we lost our spark or passion for life around us. Things that once made us feel excited and alive, can sometimes become twisted into feeling lost or stoic. Many things happen throughout our lives to dull our emotions like stress or depression. However, thanks to the Inspiring… Read more »

Green Light from Heaven

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I had an amazing experience the other day that showed God’s love for me!! I was driving home at night from an EMS training and was thinking contently about something I have been praying about.  I was tossing around ideas in my mind and trying to come to a yes or no answer.  As I… Read more »

A Little Motivation Can Make a Big Difference

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The New Year has begun, and it is accompanied by many new resolutions and promises of change. However, sometimes it can be difficult to keep yourself motivated amid feelings of doubt, shaky confidence, pessimistic thinking, and even the cynical outlook that life can sometimes bring. That is why here at Joy in the Mountains, we… Read more »