The New Year has begun, and it is accompanied by many new resolutions and promises of change. However, sometimes it can be difficult to keep yourself motivated amid feelings of doubt, shaky confidence, pessimistic thinking, and even the cynical outlook that life can sometimes bring. That is why here at Joy in the Mountains, we strive to help you keep that spark of motivation and positivity alive with the new Encouraging Blend.

The Encouraging Blend is one of six oils in an amazing mood-enhancing kit. This remarkable blend is part of the kit, or it can be purchased separately. The Encouraging Blend is comprised of stimulating scents such as peppermint plant, vanilla bean, rosemary leaf, melissa leaf, yuzu peel, basil herb, coriander seed, and clementine peel. The blend has a very clean and fresh aroma that’s mixed with a touch of mint to give you the added boost and confidence you need for your day.

The Encouraging Blend is designed to encourage and uplift your spirits, while fighting off negative feelings of doubt and disbelief. The blend promotes feelings of confidence, courage, inspiration, and belief, so you can begin your day feeling positive. And who couldn’t use some more positive influences? Luckily, the Encouraging Blend helps to encourage the positive feelings we often need.

Negative feelings are sometimes natural, and oftentimes, they are what keep people from accomplishing their goals and following their dreams. Being our own worst enemy can take a taxing toll on our lives. However, thanks to the Encouraging Blend, you can fight off those feelings and be motivated to enjoy a more positive attitude. Helping you overcome these negative feelings will alter your mind and life in a positive way, allowing confidence, positivity and even happiness to return.

Here at Joy in the Mountains, we want to help motivate you into embracing the positive life you long for, beginning with this exciting New Year. If you have any questions, or would like to learn more about the Encouraging Blend — or any other essential oils — please call 801-367-5731 to purchase your own Encouraging Blend or the entire mood-enhancing Kit.

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