“Quiet the mind and the soul will speak” -Ma Jaya Sati Bhagavati

Yoga woman meditating at sunset. Female model meditating in serene harmony

The word meditation is a Latin term that  means “to think, contemplate, devise, ponder”, this is a powerful practice that helps you focus your mind and give you a more clear picture of your life.   It has been practiced throughout the ages and is widely practiced today.   It is perfect way to help  increase consciousness and bring positive changes into your reality.

Meditation is when you take quiet time to turn your attention inward and focus the mind to a place where you are connecting to your higher power and to your spiritual self.  It can be considered a spiritual practice because it puts you in tune with your higher self.  As you take time to meditate, you will find immense personal growth and become more in-tune with your divine mission on this earth.

There are many different types of mediation.  I would suggest taking at least 20 minutes everyday of uninterrupted time and give it as a gift to yourself.  If you can fit it in twice a day, that is even better.  Meditation will help you tune into your waking life in a way you never thought you could experience.  You will be amazed as your  consciousness expands and you will be able to tap into a divine light that will bless you on your journey.

Meditation makes way for emotional healing and can even help with balancing the chakras.  I have seen blocks from anger and resentment easily dissipate and forgiveness is illuminated as part of the energy healing process.  As you raise your consciousness to what has been keeping you stuck, you are able to find solutions and move forward in a powerful way with the help of your higher power.

If you are interested in learning some meditation techniques, here is a great free resources that I have found online.

https://www.deepakchopra.com/  This is one of my favorites!!  He does a wonderful free 21 day guided meditation with Oprah that is great!!

Daily Meditation

“The soul always knows what to do to heal itself.  The challenge is to silence the mind” Caroline M.


young woman meditating on the mountain top


I know you busy moms may think, I have enough going on, I have carpool, school, work, soccer games and all of these things are competing for your time and attention.  You can get stuck in feeling overwhelmed and may feel like you will never accomplish anything on your to do list.  Well, the good news is, making the time is going to be easier than you think and will actually help to calm your nerves and help you focus so that you get even more done.  Here are a few ideas:

Morning Connection

As early in the morning as possible is the best time to meditate.  Before there is noise in the house or outside.  I always like to say, before the birds get up.  If you can possibly set your alarm for 30 minutes before the first person in the household will be awake, that is the best.  Do this as soon as you wake up, before you even leave your room, check your phone or take a shower.  Even just a few minutes can start your day in such a more peaceful way.

Afternoon Tune-Up

On days when you feel overwhelmed, give yourself a 10-minute meditation break. If you are in a place where you cannot shut the door, then simply close your eyes as if you are asleep and pretend as though you are having a little nap.  Even just a few minutes in a meditative state can help to refocus and energize you.

Creating a Quiet Space

For your daily meditation you will want to prepare a space that is quiet.  This can be done by simply closing the door to your room.  Just be sure that others in the house are aware that this is your quiet time and do not disturb you.  You can also put a do not disturb sign on your front door or put pets outside to maintain the quiet space of time.  If you have a hard time focusing from noise then you can also put on some headphones to cancel out any noise.

Evening Clarity

Another great time to fit in some daily meditation is towards the end of the day, I like to try and fit this in around 3:00 before my kids get home from school.  I take just a few minutes around a centering thought and gear up for the evening ahead.  This helps me to focus on what is important, which is the relationships with my family and to move forward calmly and peacefully for the end of the day.

It All Starts With Intention

young woman meditating

Setting intention prior to any meditation or energy healing session is so important.  We need to give our energy some direction and let it know what we want to work on. As we honor our mind and body connection, we gain insight into what God has in store for us.  As you embrace this new state of consciousness you can laser focus on the areas you need to work on to achieve your goal of wellness.  Energy healing is a powerful tool to help in this process.  In my work with clients, I follow the energy and it leads me to the exact area that is ready to heal, whether that be on a mental, emotional, physical or spiritual level.  You can find out more about energy healing here.

Mind-Body Healing

Our negative thoughts as well as subconscious beliefs can tie-in to illness and dis-ease.  The mind-body connection is extremely powerful.  As we balance our mind and our body then we can truly begin to transform our very lives and find more peace and JOY.

Tara has put together a powerful program called “The Healing Compass”  It is a four part series that includes personal mentoring on connecting with your divine source, yourself, cleaning up and healing relationships and ending up at with a greater understanding of your divine purpose and a contagious JOY.  The added benefit of 4 energy healing sessions is included in this program.  She includes some powerful meditative experiences in these sessions.

“Prayer is when you talk to God, Meditation is when God talks to you”

Discovering Your Divine Purpose

As your Chakras become balanced and you take time each day to tap into your divine source, and your spiritual intuition, you will find more clues as to your divine purpose on this earth.  You will be reminded of the important role that you have to bless others lives and of your divine nature.  You are literally a son or daughter of the living God and he has a plan and a purpose for you.  Take time to think of all the people that you admire.  Write down their traits.  Did you know that you see this greatness in them because you as well have these divine qualities.  Take time to meditate on how to grow and develop those talents.

The Process

  • Daily invite the divine to enter your life through prayer, meditation, or communion with nature. Find the way that fits best for you to make this connection.
  • Be patient as you begin to open your connection. The process requires gentleness, willingness, truth, and, at times, discipline.
  • Honor the connection you currently have and other spiritual truths will open the door to greater levels of connection. Watch for signs that you are on the right path.  Listen and journal about the personal messages regarding your purpose and direction and visualize the outcome.
  • If you feel it necessary, work with an energy healer to help clear energetic clutter so that you can move forward with confidence.
  • Essential oils are also a great part of meditative practices.  Some favorites are Frankincense and Sandalwood.