Power of Thought

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Our thoughts can have a powerful affect on our bodies. Both internal and external dialogue can disrupt our blood pressure, our heart, and even alter our biochemistry. These results were proven in a 1985, medical research conducted at the University of Maryland School of Medicine. The average person has about 12,000 to 60,000 thoughts per… Read more »

Gratitude Brings Joy Into Our Lives

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Gratitude can go such a long way in helping to change our outlook on life.  I always say, what we focus on expands.  If we are in constant worry, fear, doubt or thinking about lack, that is exactly what will show up in our lives. I love the thought of a gratitude journal.  Taking just… Read more »

Harvesting Your Hopes and Dreams

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The fall months always remind of the The Law of the Harvest.  Basically it states that what we sow we shall reap. Have you ever made a list of hopes and dreams?  This is the beginning of cultivating the soil and sowing the seed.  If you look on the back of different seed packets, the… Read more »