The fall months always remind of the The Law of the Harvest.  Basically it states that what we sow we shall reap.

Have you ever made a list of hopes and dreams?  This is the beginning of cultivating the soil and sowing the seed.  If you look on the back of different seed packets, the gestation period varies depending on what you are growing and how much sunlight it needs and watering recommendations.  So it is with our hopes and dreams, there is a gestation period for each of them.

If you think harvesting a watermelon too early, it doesn’t taste good, it’s not ready.  Another example, may be a baby, it takes 9 months of gestation to grow and develop and if we decide we just can’t wait and make the baby come at 6 months, there can be a lot of problems.

3 Simple Tools to Improve the Harvest

The first tool is Mind management and can be very beneficial in harvesting your hopes and dreams.  What we focus on expands and so if we are focusing on those things that we want daily, we draw the resources to us to make it happen.  It also takes consistent work and effort.  Think again about the seed, it needs to be have sunlight and water, it needs to be weeded and tended to. I like to think of mangaing your mindset as writing a story.  Affirm the life you want with positive statements.  Talk and think about the hope or dream as if you have already received it.

The second tool is a Timeline for your goal or dream.  Some dreams may take longer or shorter than others, but it is important to lay out a general plan for getting your dream.  I like to get out a piece of paper and write down all the ideas that come to me for attaining the goal and then start organizing and prioritizing things.  Just remember to be flexible with the timeline and be open to all good.

The third tool is Accountability.  Find someone to be accountable to, maybe a spouse, friend, mother or child.  When you know someone will be asking you about it or you have to report, you are more likely to stay on task with whatever it is that you are working on.  I know when I was going to the gym, my sister and I were accountability partners.  I knew that if I didn’t show up in the morning, she would have to work out alone, it was always motivation to get up and go because I was accountable to her.  We are more likely to achieve our goals and dreams if we are accountable to someone.

I encourage you to take a look at some of the dreams that have eluded you.  Create a new story about receiving, brain storm and create a timeline of receiving the dream and finally find an accountability partner.

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