Going back to school can be an anxious time for kids and parents alike.  Worry and fear about connecting with teachers, finding friends and fitting in, homework, reading, spelling and being smart enough or even being able to sit still long enough, etc., can keep kids stuck and frustrated.  With a few Simple Tools, you can easily turn this around.

As parents, we can help our kids to FOCUS on the good stuff.  I love the phrase, What We Focus On Expands.  It is so true and the things that we focus on become our reality.  If kids keep saying, I don’t have friends, they won’t.  If they say I can’t do this, they won’t.  It ties in so well with the story of The Little Engine that Could.

Parents can help their children by LISTENING carefully to what the child is saying when they are frustrated.  Help them change those statements around and focus on what they want, instead of what they don’t want.

For example, if you hear your child say, “I’m stupid, I’ll never remember this.”  You can say, I can tell you are frustrated and feeling like you can’t remember, but how about we focus on what we want.  Let’s say: “I am so smart and I learn a little more each day and when I practice, I easily remember how to do it.”  By refocusing or redirecting thoughts, we help to create new neuro pathways wired for success.

Energy work, Affirmations and a New Focus are a great way to give your kids a boost in the right direction as school starts.  This helps to release limiting beliefs  and balances the energy systems.

Here is a FREE Energy Session that I did for kids going back to school.

Enjoy some of the great affirmations that I energetically plugged in for your kids during the session.

Back to School Affirmations:

  • I like and enjoy reading.
  • I read with ease and I read fluently.
  • I have a sense of direction.
  •  I have inner ear balance.
  • I see all things clearly.
  •  My concentration is complete and steady.
  •  Teachers love to have me in their classes.
  •  I remember, I understand, I retain all I learn in any form.

An Individual Session for each child can be very helpful. With laser focus, we can release limiting beliefs and create specific affirmations for them to move forward quickly and easily.  When the energy is freed up, you feel so light and can literally take giant steps forward.  Find out more about individual sessions for your child HERE.  

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