Energy work, Affirmations and a New Focus are a great way to give your kids a boost in the right direction as school starts.  This helps to release limiting beliefs  and balances the energy systems.

Here is a FREE Energy Session that I did for kids going back to school.

An Individual Session for each child can be very helpful. With laser focus, we can release limiting beliefs and create specific affirmations for them to move forward quickly and easily.  When the energy is freed up, you feel so light and can literally take giant steps forward.

The process is so simple.  Just hit the BUY NOW button, pay with debit, credit or your own paypal account. Be sure to leave your Child’s name, age and any specific concerns that you have in the special instructions box.  I will do a remote session on your child and email you the results.  There is no need for me to talk with your child, I will connect with their energy and do the work remotely.  I will find and clear any imbalances in the energy systems, clear limiting beliefs and create personalized affirmations to help your child move forward.  This is a $75 value, but for back to school, it is only $35!!  Each child will need to be processed separately.  If you have more than 3 children, please contact me at [email protected] and I can send you a bill to pay all at once.  Have a great day!!  Can’t wait to work with your kiddos energy.  Click the BUY NOW button to order your child’s individual back to school energy session.

Individual Session only $35

Back to School Affirmations:

  • I like and enjoy reading.
  • I read with ease and I read fluently.
  • I have a sense of direction.
  •  I have inner ear balance.
  • I see all things clearly.
  •  My concentration is complete and steady.
  •  Teachers love to have me in their classes.
  •  I remember, I understand, I retain all I learn in any form.