Muscle testing is so simple and easy to learn.
So what is muscle testing?

It has been called energy testings- Applied Kinesiology or bio-feedback.  In all reality it is a way to get answers from the subconscious mind and the wisdom of the body.
I use muscle testing primarily for testing energetic responses to questions I have about things that my body needs.  I also use it in energy healing to follow the energy of my clients so that I can get the answers I need to help them.

Because everything we see, taste, smell, and hear has a vibration.  Our responses to these vibrations causes our energy to be either strong or weak.  I use to to find energy  blockages, check in on the body systems and how the organs are functioning.  You can also check on nutritional deficiencies or food sensitivities.  You can check on your body’s response to essential oils, herbs or other natural remedies.  It is a simple and non-invasive way to evaluate imbalances.

To test another person, you simply have them hold their arm out.  You apply pressure with two fingers to their wrist and see if it holds strong or goes weak.

Weak: When there is a negative thought, emotion or feeling it can block the flow of energy and you will get a saggy or spongy feeling when you push down on the arm

Strong: If there is free flowing energy, then the person’s arm will remain strong.  It is common for them to have a little bit of a give.

Muscle testing is not 100% accurate, however the use of muscle testing has aided me greatly in my work as an energy healer and also in finding answers to natural remedies to use.  Just be sure to use your intuition and don’t ever let muscle testing override common sense.  Don’t use it to predict the future or use it to the extreme and most of all remember, that it is not a substitute for prayer.

If you are interested in being muscle tested, this is something we can easily do over the phone.  The cost is only $10.  I will muscle test the list of doterra essential oils and give you the list of oils and how many drops of each you will need to make a roller bottle.  I will also give you the information about the emotional benefit of those specific oils. 

Muscle testing session: $10