I recently started a challenge with a number of other people.  The challenge is called, Light the World, Build the Kingdom 90 day challenge.  For 90 days we are getting down on our knees every morning and asking God how we can share our light that day and build the kingdom.  When we get that inspiration, we act on it.   It can be as simple as smiling at someone at the grocery store, or getting your neighbors mail for them.  I personally have been posting each day on Facebook, I’ve done several Facebook Live segments telling about that day and sharing a message.

When our light is bright, that is when we truly experience JOY on a daily basis.  What are some things that you can do to get your light brighter?  I think it goes back to the simple things.  Praying daily and asking God for guidance and to fill us with His light, reading from the scriptures, attending church, serving others, paying tithes and offerings, listening to good music, abstaining from drugs and alcohol and wholesome recreational activities.

We are all born with the light of Christ within us.  Sometimes our light can get dimmed down by hard things that happen in our lives.  Our job is to use the atonement to cleanse our vessel and give the heartache, trauma, sadness, whatever it may be to the Savior.  He already paid the price and there is no reason for us to hold onto it anymore.  When we are full of light, we have enough to share and serve others and when we are serving, we literally can find JOY on a daily basis.

If you would like to view some of my posts from the daily challenge you can check out my personal Facebook Page or visit my youtube channel.

You can also visit the website: lighttheworldnow.com to see other posts and learn more about joining the challenge.  Please share your experiences on social media with one or more of these hashtags: #90DayLTWChallenge #LightTheWorld #BuildTheKingdom


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