Throughout our lives, many of us can feel we lost our spark or passion for life around us. Things that once made us feel excited and alive, can sometimes become twisted into feeling lost or stoic. Many things happen throughout our lives to dull our emotions like stress or depression. However, thanks to the Inspiring Blend, you can now ignite that excitement and passion back into your life again, letting you enjoy life around you with passion and excitement, and perhaps bring on new adventures to renew your joy.

The Inspiring Blend promotes feelings of inspiration and positivity. This blend has a warm, rich, and spicy aroma that helps to ignite feelings of excitement and happiness, no matter what your day may bring. This blend originates from a mixture of spices, herbs and grasses that help to promote newfound passion and a refreshed feeling for the world around you.

Whether you diffuse this blend in the air with your diffuser or use it topically, this oil can help to counteract feelings of negativity, boredom, and disinterest, giving you the spark you need to jump-start your day.

If you are looking for a way to renew your joy and add passion and excitement into your life, then try this Inspiring Blend and rekindle these emotions back into your life. At Joy in the Mountains, we want to help you find joy, passion, and excitement in your life. If you have any questions or would like to or learn more about how this essential oils can help you in your life, please call 801-367-5731 to purchase your own Inspiring Blend, or any of your essential oil’s needs.

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