roof_snow_removalWe are enjoying some amazing and beautiful snow this winter.  My kids have had a blast playing in the snow and jumping off the back deck.  Kids are so resilient and make the most out of everything.  This morning I spent about two hours shoveling the snow off the top of our trailer.  I was worried with the weight of continual snow would be too heavy and cave in the roof of the trailer.  It was an arduous process.  I had to get a ladder to climb up, my gloves iced up and 3 times the shovel slipped out of my hand.  I had to climb down and trapse through snow up to my waste to retrieve the shovel and then climb back up.  It was a process, but it felt so good to finish it so that we can keep our trailer roof safe for future outings in the summer.

Sometimes in life our burdens get so heavy and weigh us down to the point that we feel useless or that we may cave in at any moment.   Getting through a day can be so tough when you feel this heaviness in your heart.  This heaviness in your heart can contribute to thoughts of discontent and self-judgement and may continue day after day.  Well, I have a few thoughts to help you with this!

Part of the process of lifting the burdens that weigh you down is to illuminate the things that you really want in life.  Take out a piece of paper and sit down and write out how a perfect day in your life would be.  Sometimes, just changing our focus helps to bring about the change we desire.  As you focus more each day on the things that you want, you will be surprised how the things that weigh you down slowly begin to slip away.

Because Valentines day is just around the corner, I wanted to offer a FREE Energy Clearing to Illuminate the Love in Your Heart!!  This is a great way to get rid of a lot of the heavy junk that is weighing you down all in one session!!  You can find details at   You won’t want to miss it!!

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