ts,aura-energy-colors-768x1024Have you ever wondered what an Aura is?  Before I learned about energy work, I was not sure what an aura was.  So let me fill you in, an aura is several bands of colorful light that surrounds a person like a halo.  It is said that all objects and all living things manifest such an aura.  Various writers associate various personality traits with the colors of different layers of the aura.  It has also been described as a map of the thoughts and feelings surrounding a person. I believe that our aura’s contain many of our personality traits and God given gifts.  There are up to 19 different colored bands, but most people have around 4 to 8 different auric bands.

The band of light closest to a person is often called the Main Aura Personality because it seems to be the most integrated with the physical body.  The next layer is called an overlay and can be a secondary aura personality.  These are a powerful representation of the way we process information, learn and how we respond to others.

There are 7 main aura families that teach how one processes and interacts with life and they consist of the Body, Physical Environment, Mental, Mental-Emotional, Emotional, Emotional-Spiritual, and Spiritual.  Within each Aura Personality family there are certain colors represented.  There are 19 colors associated within these 7 families.

I believe our innate gifts and potential are reflected in this beautiful energy that surrounds us.  I absolutely love and recommend the book, “Aura Personalities”, by Staci Sadler.  She breaks everything down so beautifully so that you can figure out what aura personality you are and she goes into depth on the gifts represented in each of the different colors.

I went through her list and muscle tested for myself and each of my family members.  It was such a blessing to learn about our main aura personality and overlay.  It gave me powerful insight into our gifts and helped me to understand our aura personalities on a deeper level.  For example, my older daughter’s main aura personality is amethyst-crystal and her overlay is crystal.  These are both in the spiritual family.  It helped me to realize her gifts of being an empath, but also the draw backs.  I learned that she has a powerful gift to help others, because she feels so deeply their emotion, but I also learned that it can be hard if she takes on other’s emotions as her own to try to fix it. Because we are aware of this, I have been able to help her with some tools to protect herself from absorbing others emotion, but still be empathetic to others.

In my work as an energy healer, it has added depth to my work by knowing more about the aura families and aura personalities and the ways that my clients process and interact with life. To find out more about energy healing,  www.joyinthemountains dot com

2 thoughts on “Aura Personalities”

  1. Lala says:

    What does a blue-amber aura look like? Is it blue or is it Amber colored? I need to know this…

    1. tjensen says:

      Very good question Lala! It depends on what is going on with you at the time. Our emotions affect the colors that are portrayed in our aura. Also, our surroundings have a lot to do with what the color looks like, for example, my eyes are hazel, they have some green and some brown, if I am wearing green, my eyes shine a brilliant green, if I’ve been crying, the green shines brightly as well. If I am wearing darker colors, the brown seems to shine more. The same with a sunset, the colors vary on air quality, clouds, and precipitation in the air. When I see blue-amber it is a beautiful mix of the two colors, but again, it doesn’t look the same on everyone. Blue-amber is a mix of the mental and emotional aspects of the aura personality. I suppose you would radiate more blue if you are are connecting emotionally with others and more amber if you are thinking more logically. Hope that helps. Have a wonderful day!!

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