Winter can leave our surroundings feeling dry, cold and harsh. Luckily, spring comes providing water, warmth, and light to the world around us. Much like Mother Nature’s “Circle of Life,” emotions can take a turn leading us through harsh times, too, which can be difficult and sometimes painful to experience.

Occasionally a boost might be needed to feel positive emotions again and to help you let go of the past, enabling you to catch a glimpse of hope once more.

Thanks to the Renewing Blend, you can liberate yourself from feelings of anger, sorrow, and regret by counteracting those feelings with forgiveness, relief, forgetting and simply stepping onward in a new and refreshing direction.

The Renewing Blend has a fresh, woodsy, herbal scent, which helps you to dismiss the negative feelings that have pinned you down and have added stress to your life.

By diffusing two drops in your diffuser, you can give yourself a renewing sensation as you go throughout your day. You can also dilute the oil and apply it to areas of your body to keep you feeling renewed, as you face your daily challenges.

If you’re looking for a way to renew your life and bring the joy back into your soul, then try this Renewing Blend to help you release your burdens and soar toward happiness again.

At Joy in the Mountains, we want to help you find joy, peace and excitement in your life. If you have any questions or would like to or learn more about how this essential oil can help you in your life, please call 801-367-5731 to purchase your own Renewing Blend, or any of your essential oils needs.

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