Have you heard the saying that what we focus on expands? I have found this so true on many occasions. Have you ever lost a hub cap and because you are focusing on how much it irritates you, everywhere you go you see the cars that are missing a hub cap?

What annoying habits or traits are you focusing on with your loved ones? Is this child bossy? Is that child annoying and so forth. What about your spouse? What do they do that is bugging you? When we focus on those things, that’s what we continue to find and see.

Here is a little Valentine’s Day Tip to show your family LOVE! 

Recently I have been writing each person in my family’s name in a notebook on a daily basis and writing down the traits that I want to see in them. For example, confidence, leader, kind, abundant, dependable, strong, content, happy. Because I have been focusing on the good, I am putting out that good vibration toward them. I am focusing on finding the good and I am finding it. It has made such a difference these last few weeks.

Are you up for the challenge??

Here’s the Three Simple Steps to show some LOVE to your Valentine’s:

  • Get a notebook that you can use daily.  Write down each of your family members names in it.
  • Think of the traits that you wish that they had or that you want to see them grow into.  Write the words that come to mind by each of their names.  Make sure, they are positive.
  • Write the traits in the morning.  Take a moment to picture them acting in that way with those traits.  At night, put a check mark by the ones that you noticed today.

It’s that simple!!  I love the quote by Oprah Winfrey that says,

“What you focus on expands, and when you focus on goodness in your life, you create more of it.”

Please make a comment if you are willing to try this!

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