I am in love with Essential Oils.  They have helped me heal in so many ways.  I first started with essential oils for their physical properties.  We use them for upset stomachs, headaches, pain, warts, acne, rashes, stings, etc.  They are so useful.  As I learned more about essential oils I learned that they have an amazing effect on our emotions.  I saw powerful change within myself and family members as I began to treat emotions with the oils and the benefits were that dis-ease in the body began to subside.

Essential oils assist the body in 3 main ways: 

  1. Assist in healing the physical body.
  2. Assist in healing the underlying emotion.
  3. Assist in releasing limiting beliefs.

Essential oils help the physical body because they are anti-microbial, anti-viral and anti-bacterial.  They assist the body in fighting off micro-organisms.  They also help to purify and balance the body.

Essential oils also help to bring us into a higher vibration.  This is a great way to release the stagnant emotion that may be layered beneath.  The body wants to release feelings of anger, grief, sadness, etc.  the oils help to bring them to the surface so that we can release them and move on.

As we release heavy emotion the essential oils help to put us in a calm and peaceful state where we can begin to release the limiting emotions and create a new story for our life.

I wanted to spotlight one of my favorite oils and demonstrate how it works on all three levels.

Wintergreen Oil: The Oil of Surrender

On a physical level, wintergreen is a great pain reliever.  It’s common primary uses are for arthritic pain, bone pain, bone spurs, cartilage injury, frozen shoulder, and joint pain.

On an emotional level it helps to release the need to control, feeling weak, willful, need to be right, holding on or excessive self-reliance.  The positive properties are that it helps you to surrender, to let go, to be more teachable and to increase your inner strength as well as to rely on the Divine.

As you release the limiting belief that you have to do it all alone, wintergreen helps to teach you that you can turn hardships over to that Power greater than yourself and that you don’t have to carry the burden all alone.

I love the art of muscle testing.  I use it for clients all the time.  When they are going through something physical, we muscle test which oils will best work for them at that time.  Then we look up the emotional benefits of those oils.  It is surprising how often the emotions are right on with what they are dealing with in their life.  As they heal the emotional imbalance by bringing themselves into a new vibration, the physical problems seem to just melt away.

Enjoy a complimentary holistic health consultation and a muscle testing on what oils are best for you.  Tara Jensen 801-367-5731

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