There seem to be Five Simple Steps of Healing that I see happen in the Energy Therapy work that I do.  I have outlined the steps below.  The process is so easy and simple and flows quickly and easily within a session.  I think the most important part is to continue on your journey.  Invest in yourself and your healing… create a new life story!  Let’s break down each section with more clarity.

  1. Desire and Intention: Of course the desire for change is the first part of the healing process and I feel that God puts people in our path to help with our healing when we are ready.  The next part is setting an Intention for the healing that you would like to see happen.  This can be physical, emotional, spiritual, financial or even business related.  Everyone’s needs are different.  I always say throw as much into your intention as needed, because more than likely they are related. By intention, I mean what do you intend for the session or what is your desired outcome.
  2. Balancing the body systems, energy systems, generational work and our timeline:  Cleaning up the energy and releasing heavy emotion that may be stuck can help free up the path for limiting beliefs to be released.  This is a process that I guide you through and is very simple and easy.
  3. Releasing Limiting Beliefs and Affirmations:  This again is a process that I guide you through with a variety of processes. including visualizations.  It is so freeing to let go of limiting beliefs that have held you captive and opens you up to all that God has in store for you.
  4. Spiritual Awareness and Connection:  This is one of my favorite parts of a session.  In a sense it is relinquishing our will to God’s.  Realizing that he is the ultimate source for our healing and happiness and through the Atonement, all wounds are healed.
  5. Connecting with your Life’s Purpose:  It seems as we clear away the cob webs and energetic clutter, we have room to connect to our gifts and talents and more fully come alive in them to bless our family, friends and those who God puts in our path and to experience joy more fully on a daily basis.

The modality that I use in the energy work that I do is called SimplyHealed.  I love that the process is simple and easy.  Enjoy a session today and start your new story.  Contact me for a complimentary 15 session to get started.  


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