The blessings of 2020 have been immense.  It is so good to take a moment and reflect and look more deeply at the blessings that this life has to offer us.  It you think about 2020 vision, it is a huge blessing to have a pair of glasses or contacts to help sharpen our vision.  I encourage you to pull out some 2020 glasses and take a deeper look.

So far I have noticed that I am so grateful for this free country that we live in.  My children are finding more gratitude in a free education and the blessing it is to go to school when it is open.  I’m grateful for more time to spend together as a family and to enjoy the great outdoors.  As I peruse the aisles as Walmart and sporting good stores, I notice that recreational products are completely sold out.  People are getting back into nature and spending time in nature.

One thing that I teach my clients from our very first session is that what we focus on expands.  If I focus on the unrest and turmoil in the world, I will surely find it.  If I focus on my blessings and health and family, I will surely find it.  Evidence is what makes things more clear for us.  I suggest coming up with an affirmation that you want to be true for you, such as, “I break free of family patterns that no longer serve me”.  Repeat the affirmation on a daily basis morning and night.  This helps to sharpen your vision to look for evidence.  At the end of the evening read through the affirmation again and write down evidence of it being true that day for you.  This is the water for the seed that allows it to grow into a new neuro pathway and new reality for you. I invite you to take this challenge and write one affirmation to work on for an entire week and look for evidence each day of it being true for you.  Let your 2020 glasses help you to sharpen your vision to all the good that God has given you this year.  Here are some affirmations ideas: Daily Affirmations.

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