After a personal energy session you feel so clear and light and are vibrating at 100%.  Your chakras and meridians are clear and you just feel good.  I often get asked, “how can I keep my vibration high and maintain it even on tough days?”

Wouldn’t it be great if we could  keep our personal vibration strong and positive at all times?

The key to remember is that your body and spirit already know what to do to get back into that feeling of peace and high vibration.

Here are 6 easy actions that you can do today to raise and strengthen your vibration. 

1. Positive affirmations or declarations.  Energy always follows our thoughts and so focusing on the positive instead of the negative can boost your energy field.

2. Own your own power, accept it all and use it wisely.  Reminding yourself that your personal energy field is strong and powerful, will naturally boost your vibration.

3. Picture yourself surrounded by a strong and vibrant light, see that light starting within you and surrounding you.

4. Find the good in others. Refrain from gossiping or complaining.  When we find the good in others, it is easier to find it in ourselves and helps to keep your vibration strong.

5. Find your own good qualities. When we dwell on the negative, it keeps us in the dark.  Self- pity, doubt, criticism are all heavy energy.  Quickly dismiss those negative thoughts and flip them to something positive that you love about yourself.

6. Serve others.  Service is one of the absolute best ways to raise your vibration.  Remember too, that what you give out, always comes back to you, so it makes sense that you feel happiness when you are giving service to others.  Also, our problems don’t seem so big when we see what others are going through.

Remember, everything you need is inside you.  Let that light shine and raise your vibration as well as those around you.

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