May 2017

Raising Your Personal Value In 4 Simple Steps

So many women do not know or even understand their true potential and value.  You are the offspring of an almighty God and so you are therefore Royal.  You have all the qualities and abilities inside you to become like God.  Just like a little seedling does not look like a mighty oak tree at all, deep within it is all the genetic make up for it to become like it’s Maker.  You too have all inside you to become like your maker.

Raise Your Personal Value by Using these 4 Steps:

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Apr 2017

3 Tips To Win Big In Life And Business

I recently learned a valuable lesson on a conference call for my business.  My coach asked me what my win was for that day.  I had to really think hard.  I had been focusing on everything I hadn’t done and comparing myself to everyone else and I was missing out on the JOY of all the things that I had done right.  I decided in that very moment that I was going to start focusing on my wins.

The next morning I took a little post it note out  and wrote “WINS” on the top of it with the date.  It was as if I was expecting the wins to come and boy did they ever.  By noon that day I had already written 6 wins on my list.  I love the phrase, “What we focus on expands”.  It is so true, I was looking for and focusing on the wins and they kept showing up.{Read More}

Mar 2017

Raising Your Personal Vibration

After a personal energy session you feel so clear and light and are vibrating at 100%.  Your chakras and meridians are clear and you just feel good.  I often get asked, “how can I keep my vibration high and maintain it even on tough days?”

Wouldn’t it be great if we could  keep our personal vibration strong and positive at all times?

The key to remember is that your body and spirit already know what to do to get back into that feeling of peace and high vibration.

Here are 6 easy actions that you can do today to raise and strengthen your vibration. {Read More}