Feb 2016

Inspire Passion in Your Life to Renew Your Joy

Throughout our lives, many of us can feel we lost our spark or passion for life around us. Things that once made us feel excited and alive, can sometimes become twisted into feeling lost or stoic. Many things happen throughout our lives to dull our emotions like stress or depression. However, thanks to the Inspiring Blend, you can now ignite that excitement and passion back into your life again, letting you enjoy life around you with passion and excitement, and perhaps bring on new adventures to renew your joy.

The Inspiring Blend promotes feelings of inspiration and positivity. This blend has a warm, rich, and spicy aroma that helps to ignite feelings of excitement and happiness, no matter what your day may bring. This blend originates from a mixture of spices, herbs and grasses that help to promote newfound passion and a refreshed feeling for the world around you.{Read More}

Feb 2016

Releasing the Heavy Load

roof_snow_removalWe are enjoying some amazing and beautiful snow this winter.  My kids have had a blast playing in the snow and jumping off the back deck.  Kids are so resilient and make the most out of everything.  This morning I spent about two hours shoveling the snow off the top of our trailer.  I was worried with the weight of continual snow would be too heavy and cave in the roof of the trailer.  It was an arduous process.  I had to get a ladder to climb up, my gloves iced up and 3 times the shovel slipped out of my hand.  I had to climb down and trapse through snow up to my waste to retrieve the shovel and then climb back up.  It was a process, but it felt so good to finish it so that we can keep our trailer roof safe for future outings in the summer.{Read More}

Jan 2016

Aura Personalities

ts,aura-energy-colors-768x1024Have you ever wondered what an Aura is?  Before I learned about energy work, I was not sure what an aura was.  So let me fill you in, an aura is several bands of colorful light that surrounds a person like a halo.  It is said that all objects and all living things manifest such an aura.  Various writers associate various personality traits with the colors of different layers of the aura.  It has also been described as a map of the thoughts and feelings surrounding a person. I believe that our aura’s contain many of our personality traits and God given gifts.  There are up to 19 different colored bands, but most people have around 4 to 8 different auric bands.{Read More}