Starting your day with intention makes the biggest difference in reaching your goals.  Intention brings clarity.  I like the example of ordering a hamburger from a restaurant and then complaining when  you only get a plain burger patty on your plate.  We need to be more intentional and give more detail in what it is that we want.  So you may want to say, I want a burger with a bun and I want mayo, mustard, lettuce, pickles, tomatoes and cheese.  Then when it comes out, you have exactly what you want.

When going for a goal we can often get discouraged in the process.  But setting daily intentions and getting clear on what needs to be done to reach the goal can help things to manifest more quickly.

I tend to get distracted easily in working from home with switching laundry or cleaning up dishes. One of my best practices recently is making an intention for each day that includes my goals and dreams and making a plan for what do when I get distracted.

Here are some ideas to help.

  • Start with your goal that you have in mind and write out a detailed description of what you want to accomplish and by what date.  Remember that clarity is your friend!!
  • Break down every little thing that you would need to do to accomplish that goal.
  • Pull out your calendar and schedule those items onto your calendar.
  • Next comes the intention.  Set the intention the night before of what you want to accomplish the next day.  When you think about it the night before, your mind can work on it for you as you sleep.

You will be surprised how fast you get the bulls eye on your goal target when you get more clarity on your goals and set daily intentions.  Leave a comment of how you feel this would benefit you.



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