pexels-photo-38109 (1)In this crazy world, we often believe what the world is telling us–  You are not good enough, you can’t do that, you’re not smart enough, you’ll never get that.  Satan uses every tool in the book to get us to forget who we are at our divine origin- a Child of God and if we are a Child of God, then we can become as our Father is.  Just like our children have our DNA and grow up to become like us in many ways, so we too can become like our Father in Heaven.

The master teacher was Christ.  He taught us many “I am” statements or declarations.

These include:

I am the light of the world.  John 8:12, 9:5

I am the true vine. John 15:1-5

I am the bread of Life. John 6:35-48

I am the way, the truth and the Life. John 14:6

I am the gate.  John 10:7

I am the resurrection and the life.  John 11:25

I am the Good Shepherd. John 10:11-14

As we follow the example of our older brother, by declaring who we are with “I am” statements, we literally become more connected to our true self and can live in a higher vibration of energy and love.

Here are some “I am” statements that are great to use on a daily basis:

I am a daughter of God

I am kind.

I am cheerful, happy and joyful.

I am grateful.

I am a good mother.

I am a good friend.

I am an amazing wife.

I am thoughtful.

I am divinely guided.

I am organized.

I am a great cook.

I am prepared.

I am healthy.

I am beautiful.

I am responsible.

I am clear and balanced.

I am teachable and humble.

I am devoted.

Sometimes it can be hard when we start writing out “I am” statements because our subconscious mind throws a huge fit and immediately tells us that we really aren’t those things.  Just remember that what we focus on expands.  If we continue to focus on the negative, then that is what we will become.  If we focus on the new positive statements, that is what we will become.

As a family we have taken this a step further in creating declarations for our family.  If you are interested in seeing these declarations, you can check them out here.

I would encourage you to take a few minutes and write down all the “I am” statements or declarations that you want to become.  Take the time every morning and evening to say them to yourself in the mirror with power and conviction- doing them to music really helps integrate them faster.  For more information on how to get rid of the negative statements going on in your mind, you may like this earlier post.  By creating your own “I am” statements, you will literally be putting up your shield to the fiery darts of negativity and will become more of what God want you to become.

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