I learned from a powerful mentor that Negative Emotions= Dragons.  It is our responsibility to  ‘Slay the Dragons’ or negative emotions in our minds.  On a daily basis we have thousands of thoughts that run through our head.  With a little practice we can very easily turn those negative emotions into positive thoughts.  

When we don’t take care of emotions that are out of check, then we end up pushing them onto others or get bogged down with the heaviness of the emotion. This negative emotion literally keeps us from moving forward with our dreams and goals. This is often because we are so distracted by negativity from the emotion.
Some common negative emotions are Fear, Anger, Disappointment, Embarrassment or Sadness.  These negative emotions can get stuck in our subconscious mind from experiences in our lives and then the emotion just keeps playing on in the movie of our lives.  But, it doesn’t have to stay like this.  We can be the chain breaker in our families! Here is a quick and easy exercise to help slay some of the dragons in your mind. 

Decide what you are feeling today and I’ll take you through a method called, “write and burn”.
First write, “I feel ———- because———-” on a piece of paper and set a timer for 2 minutes.
Now write anything that comes to mind and just let it get up and out of you.  You’d be surprised what will come out when you simply put a pen to paper with intention.  There is no judgment of why you have this or where it came from. Keep writing until the timer goes off.  
Next, take the time to think of 5 opposites to the emotion you were writing about.  Write out 5 affirmations for the opposite of the emotion you just released.  It is so important to fill the negative space with the positive!!  An example for Sadness would be:  I feel joy in every step I take.  Happiness envelops my mind and heart.  I create only peace and harmony within me and within my environment.  Click here if you need some more ideas for affirmations.  Once you have your sheet of positive affirmations, rip up, crush or burn the page of negatives and be sure to get them out of your house.
Then take a few minutes to turn on some healing music and read through the positive affirmations.  Say them out loud 3 times to the fullest expression of your voice and let the energy get into every cell of your body!  You are training your mind to believe in these new positive affirmations. 
Now repeat this activity the next day with another negative emotions that you feel playing in your mind.  
As you start to manage your mood with this tool you will start to manage your life in such a proactive, beautiful way!  You are an amazing Dragon Slayer!! Be sure to take the time to share this activity with your family so you can slay dragons together!  For more information on finding JOY on a daily basis and to learn about the power of energy coaching in clearing negative emotion, visit www.joyinthemountains.com.  

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