The holiday season is a time for joy and family. However, many people become overwhelmed and stressed with the busy schedule the holidays can bring. This year, why not help you and your loved ones slow down and find peace and reassurance during the holiday season and into the New Year?

The Reassuring Blend is one of six oils that are part of the Emotional Aromatherapy System. Your emotional health needs care and attention, just like any other aspect of your well-being. To that end, this month, here at Joy in the Mountains, we want to help you and your family discover peace and reassurance within yourself emotionally, so you can truly benefit from all the joys this holiday season has to bring.

As part of a new Emotional Aromatherapy System,™ the Reassuring Blend is an important key to promoting relief from negative feelings of stress and anxiety. Feelings of stress are common in life. Learning to overcome these feelings can be difficult. It’s important to overcome these negative feelings and let them go, so we can have positive emotions that help us have a positive outlook, which ultimately leads to a positive life.

The Reassuring Blend comes from a beautiful mixture of floral and mint plants that stir feelings of relief and peace. The blend is a rich, minty, and sweet aroma that can uplift your spirits. You can apply it to the skin by diluting the Reassurance Blend, or you can diffuse it.

Here at Joy in the Mountains, we want to help you and your loved ones find peace and joy during this enchanting holiday season. If you have any questions, or would like to learn more about these oil blends, please call 801-367-5731 to purchase your own Reassurance Blend, the Emotional Aromatherapy Kit or any essential oil for you and your family’s needs.

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