Autumn provides so many joys for us during this beautiful time of year. As
the leaves are changing into bold and beautiful colors, and the chill in
the air surrounds us, the love of family and friends grows as you prepare
to celebrate the holidays together.

With the emotional strains that the holidays can sometimes bring, the
hustle and bustle can quickly escalate into full-blown emotional distress,
even in the midst of memory-making.

But we have good news, and it’s just in time to introduce the new mood-enhancing kit containing six new essential oil blends. These blends are unique, and each blend helps with different
emotional needs. These oils can be thought of like gifts from Mother Nature, providing aid by using natural resources to help us feel more wholesome and complete.

This revolutionary aromatherapy system should be
able to help guide you in finding the right emotional blend for your
specific needs. These oils include:

Encouraging Blend – The Encouraging Blend helps to promote feelings that
motivate and inspire. It comes from a mixture of citrus and mints which
help to invigorate your mood.

Uplifting Blend – The Uplifting Blend helps to promote feelings of cheer,
and it helps to promote a smile as you face your day. This blend comes from
a mixture of spice and citrus scents that help to facilitate this uplifting

Inspiring Blend – The Inspiring Blend promotes inspiration and helps with
excitement and happiness, pretty much no matter what your day brings. This
blend originates from a mixture of spices, herbs and grasses that help to
promote passion and a refreshed feeling for the world around you.

Renewing Blend – The Renewing Blend helps to promote relief from feelings
that are associated with anger and resentment. This earthy blend comes from
a mixture of trees, herbs, and grasses to help calm the angry emotions that
we all sometimes feel.

Comforting Blend – The Comforting Blend helps to ease feelings of loss and
grief. We all feel these powerful types of emotions, from time to time, and
we all know they’re not easy to cope with. However, thanks to the mixture
of trees and floral scents, this blend helps to promote a feeling of
consolation and comfort for those who are feeling blue.

Reassuring Blend – The Reassuring Blend helps to promote relief from
stress. This scent comes from a beautiful mixture of floral and mint plants, which give it that
reassuring aroma that we all sometimes need.

So, as we approach the holiday season this fall, don’t let your feelings
take you for a ride on the emotional roller coaster: Take comfort in
knowing that whatever emotional need you may have, there is probably a
blend that can help you keep your emotions in check.

At Joy in the Mountains, we want to help you find joy and laughter this
beautiful season. If you have any questions or would like to order these amazing essential oils, please call us at (801) 367-5731 or visit