Here at Joy in the Mountains, we hope you had a blessed and enjoyable summer with your family. Now with the autumn quickly approaching, we can all count on three things: the weather will turn cooler, the kids will go back to school and the sniffle season will begin!

We are passionate about enjoying the benefits of Essential Oils in all facets of our lives and this important time of year is no different. Joy in the Mountains has a few recommendations for families with children who are returning to school.

First and foremost, we’d like to recommend Rosemary, which is often lauded for its propensity to enhance brain performance and mood. If you simply place a drop or two of Rosemary in your children’s shampoo or rub a drop in their hair before they run off to school, then it could benefit their academic performance. It also helps to maintain healthy hair and scalp.

If you think back to your school days, you’ll remember how difficult it can be to focus properly with all the hundreds of distractions around to commandeer a young person’s attention. We have just the trick to assist your distracted young one: Lemon is often called “The Oil of Focus.” Lemon oil has been said to help in facilitating concentration. Lemon can be paired with Rosemary in a roller bottle, and it can be applied to the back of the neck.

Wild Orange With Peppermint
For many kids, half the battle is just waking up — especially for late-nighters like high schoolers. Wild Orange and Peppermint provide an exhilarating combination that will help your youth (and yourself) to rise and shine in the morning! Simply place an Essential Oil diffuser in your kitchen during breakfast to help revive your family after a night of peaceful slumber.

As mentioned above, the return of school means the return of seasonal discomfort or sniffles. Joy in the Mountains has an Essential Oil idea to help you in that department, as well. When you don’t have the fresh herb on hand, adding one or two drops of basil to the bottom of your foot each morning can give your family a boost of immune system support.

And we would be remiss if we failed to mention Eucalyptus, which is famous for its powerful capacity to help when a student feels under-the-weather.  And of course, if your little one develops a high temperature or your child’s condition worsens, we recommend seeking treatment from a trusted medical professional. But otherwise, Eucalyptus is a great Essential Oil for helping to stave off unwanted sniffles and to assist in opening the airways.

At Joy in the Mountains, we want you to enjoy this beautiful and refreshing season. And we believe that valuable and effective Essential Oils like those listed above can help your family to have a wonderful autumn.

If you have any questions or to order essential oils, please call us at (801) 367-5731 or visit Joy in the Mountains to learn more about how to use Essential Oils every day.