vision_boardsHave you every felt that your vision board is just something on the wall that is gathering dust?  Is it a constant reminder of the goals and dreams that you have that are not coming to fruition.  It can be frustrating to see visions boards work for everyone else and you feel like you are never going to be able to take something off of yours to put in your success binder. Do you want to know 2 secrets that can help you to get things moving?

The first thing that I  learned is that we need to be co-creators with God.  Yep, I said that in my out loud voice. We need to check in with God on the things on our vision board and see if they are things that are in alignment with His will.  When we are in sync with God and allow him to help direct our lives, things run a lot more smoothly.  So first you will want to go through each item on your board and “check in” through prayer or meditation to see if that item is a yes or a no to keep on the board.

Secondly, if you are not seeing results, you will want to check to see if you have any blocks to receiving that item.  Now for those who are not familiar with energy work or muscle testing, I will give a brief description.  Muscle testing is checking in with your body to find answers.  You are testing your muscle to see if you get a negative or a positive answer from your energy.  I muscle test for all kinds of things, for example, I muscle test what essential oils I should give my kids when they are sick and how many drops and for how long.  I also use muscle testing to find trapped emotions or negative energy so that I can clear it with energy work.

An easy way to muscle test for blocks is called the sway test.  You simply ask your body to lean forward for a yes and backward for a no.  Stand still with your eyes closed and ask yourself if you have a block for a specific item on your board.  Your body will naturally lean forward or backward giving you an answer.  With Simply Healed™-the modality that I use for clearing energy, I simply clear the block and plug in a positive affirmation.  But if you don’t know how to clear energy, you can do output writing.  Output writing is simply sitting down and putting a pen to paper.  Ask yourself what is blocking you from receiving that item.  You’d be surprised just how quickly your subconscious will start spilling out answers.    Once you have the answers, then you can change those negatives to positives!!

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