Green Light from Heaven

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I had an amazing experience the other day that showed God’s love for me!! I was driving home at night from an EMS training and was thinking contently about something I have been praying about.  I was tossing around ideas in my mind and trying to come to a yes or no answer.  As I… Read more »

Slay the Dragon!

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I learned from a powerful mentor that Negative Emotions= Dragons.  It is our responsibility to  ‘Slay the Dragons’ or negative emotions in our minds.  On a daily basis we have thousands of thoughts that run through our head.  With a little practice we can very easily turn those negative emotions into positive thoughts.   When we don’t… Read more »

Vision Board Tune Up

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Have you every felt that your vision board is just something on the wall that is gathering dust?  Is it a constant reminder of the goals and dreams that you have that are not coming to fruition.  It can be frustrating to see visions boards work for everyone else and you feel like you are… Read more »