Summer BBQ Favorites

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July is the perfect time for summer barbecues and reveling in the company of your beautiful family. We hope you’re enjoying a safe and happy summer with your loved ones. As you’re preparing your potluck contributions — summertime side dishes and drinks — we want you to know that Essential Oils can enhance your meals!… Read more »

Essential Oils for Your Vacation

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Now that vacation season has finally arrived, many families are setting off to far-flung destinations for a little rest and relaxation. But just like a wedding, no matter how much you plan, you’re bound to encounter some vacation-related challenges. Of all the Essential Oils that you should take with you on summer vacation, place Lavender… Read more »

3 Essential Oils to Promote Spring Respiratory Health

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Spring is such a refreshing and beautiful time of year. It’s a season of rebirth and renewal. As the Earth is revitalized and summer approaches, blossoms bloom and flowers flourish. But every rose has its thorn, and for many people, the thorn of spring is respiratory discomfort. Seasonal respiratory discomfort develops when the body’s immune… Read more »