Now that vacation season has finally arrived, many families are setting off to far-flung destinations for a little rest and relaxation. But just like a wedding, no matter how much you plan, you’re bound to encounter some vacation-related challenges.

Of all the Essential Oils that you should take with you on summer vacation, place Lavender at the top of your packing list. Lavender is wonderful because it can be applied directly as an after sun spray to help soothe the skin. Lavender also helps to promote quicker healing and is exceptional for promoting sleep. This remarkable oil is also good for small skin irritations. Lavender can be used without diluting, and it typically takes only one to two drops.

The next oil that should tag along on your trip is Peppermint, which is versatile enough to cool and warm. Add a few drops of peppermint to a spray bottle of water and spray on your skin to feel cool and refreshed. It is also great to keep close by if anyone if the family suffers from nausea, sea sickness or car sickness.

Just smelling the bottle offers immediately relief. You can swipe a drop under your nose or on your wrist for some relief as well. Peppermint also serves as an effective insect repellent: Just mix three to five drops of Peppermint Essential Oil into one ounce of water and spray an anti-bug perimeter around your family. Most creepy-crawlies are reluctant to cross a mint line.

If you find yourself in the unfortunate circumstance of feeling under the weather with seasonal discomfort during your vacation, you should pack Eucalyptus for your trip. A few drops of Eucalyptus on your pillow case can help to open your airways and promote easier breathing.

If you’re planning anything other than a “stay-cation,” where you’ll be in a new environment with questionable cleaning standards, bring Tea Tree to your hotel or vacation home. Simply add five to 10 drops of Tea Tree oil to 16 ounces of water and mist the room. You will also benefit because Tea Tree is known for its abilities to help strengthen the immune system. Tea Tree also works very well as a cleanser.

At Joy in the Mountains, we want you to have joy on your vacation. Essential Oils can enrich your experience as you make irreplaceable memories with your family this summer. If you would like to order essential oils, please call us at (801) 367-5731 or visit Joy in the Mountains to learn more about how to use Essential Oils.