2Have you ever heard the story about Acres of Diamonds?  An old farmer saw several people a day going past his home with wagons onto their journey to find their treasure.  The farmer was tired of his boring life and wanted an adventure too.  He talked to his priest and he told him where the others were going to  find treasure.  He sold his farm and moved away in search of his treasure.  Needless to say, he died unfulfilled, never having found his treasure.  Little did he know that the next farmer that bought his home, was out plowing and found big chunks of black rock that had beautiful diamonds inside.  The property had acres of diamonds beneath the soil.  Many of these gems now sit in palaces and are highly sought after.

Do you ever feel like you fall short of your dreams?  Wanting something so badly, but never seeming to make it to the glorious end result you’ve been seeking?  Well, I want to give you six easy steps to visualize the life of your dreams.

1- Creative visualizations once a day.

2- Visualize for only 5-10 minutes a day max.

3- See, Hear and feel every imaginable detail.

4- Put in emotion, especially joy and happiness.

5- Put yourself inside the picture.

6- Go straight to your end result and beyond

One thing that can mess up visualizations is trying to figure out “how” it is going to come about.  An important step here is to include God or Universe in the equation. Have you ever heard the quote, “let go and let God”? He has a bigger picture for our lives than we do.  When we are open to the possibilities, the Universe can fill in the blanks with a lot better magic than we ever imagined.  This is why it is so important to visualize your life as if your dream already came true.  The end results force the details to come to you.

Remember, your words and your thoughts can effect the outcome.  So watch what you are thinking and saying.  Declare that you already are the person of your dreams. Here are some great declarations: I am highly sought after, I am surrounded by abundance, I always take great pictures, I am successful in my business.  One last little tip is to do token acts of faith to show that you are already there.  Take some time to make a list of 5-10 things that you can do over the next few weeks that are a physical demonstration that you have achieved the dream.   For example, this might include, wearing a business suit and giving the speech you would like to give at a conference.  It doesn’t have to cost money.

Lastly, many people suffer from decision paralysis because they were punished or judged for “wrong” decisions in the past. If this is you, then you may want to consider a quick shift energy healing session.  This is a powerful energy-shifting tool that helps you to breakthrough the fears associated with indecisiveness. In no time, you’ll be making wise, swift, and informed decisions that keep you moving forward along the path to success.  Plus, you now have six easy steps to visualize the life of your dreams.

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