We just moved back into our home that we purchased over 15 years ago.  We have rented it out for several years.  When we lived here previously we had 3 small children and it was tight then.  You see, it is only 900 square feet.  With a family of 6 it is a bit of a tight squeeze.  We moved back into our home for a short time while we have it up for sale and I am learning a lot of valuable lessons.  First, I love the Country song, loves grows best in little houses by Doug Stone.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4xCdyMq6z1c.  You truly are so close together that you can’t help but communicate.

This is especially important as I have 3 teenagers in the house.  In our previous home, it was easy for my teenagers to head down to their room and shut the door and remain out of sight.  Because we are closer together, arguments are settled a lot more quickly and everyone is getting along a lot better.  We also are all included in every conversation that is going on, so everyone is more connected to what is going on with each other.  A second blessing is that house work is very quick.  We can pick up the house in a jiffy and we only have one bathroom to clean.  I easily stay on top of laundry because we don’t have as much stuff in our drawers.  A third thing that I have learned is that time with children is so precious.  We only have a few short years left with our children all at home and I am grateful to have them all in this space where we can love each other and be more connected to each other’s lives.  Today I am happy to find joy in the little things– little houses!!  To learn more about finding joy on a daily basis, visit www.joyinthemountains.com. 

2 thoughts on “Blessings of a Little House”

  1. Danielle Taylor says:

    Yes, all this you wrote is true. Family intimacy through tight times and spaces can be a special chapter of life. And if we can enjoy the good in everything, we’ll always have some good going on.
    And you’ll appreciate a bit more space soon.

    1. tjensen says:

      Thanks Danielle!! We have certainly grown closer as a family through this experience.

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