Renew Your Soul as the Spring Renews our World

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Winter can leave our surroundings feeling dry, cold and harsh. Luckily, spring comes providing water, warmth, and light to the world around us. Much like Mother Nature’s “Circle of Life,” emotions can take a turn leading us through harsh times, too, which can be difficult and sometimes painful to experience. Occasionally a boost might be… Read more »

Spring Cleaning With Essential Oils

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Now that springtime has finally arrived, it’s time for spring cleaning once again! Everything else in nature is starting fresh, so it’s time to do the same with your own household! Even if your home looks tidy at first glance, you might be surprised (or horrified) to learn what’s lurking beneath the surface. For instance,… Read more »

3 Essential Oils to Promote Spring Respiratory Health

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Spring is such a refreshing and beautiful time of year. It’s a season of rebirth and renewal. As the Earth is revitalized and summer approaches, blossoms bloom and flowers flourish. But every rose has its thorn, and for many people, the thorn of spring is respiratory discomfort. Seasonal respiratory discomfort develops when the body’s immune… Read more »