5 Easy Tips to Finding Joy

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I love the age old adage that tomorrow is always fresh with no mistakes in it. Life is hard and sometimes we may find ourselves suffering from bouts of depression and anxiety, self doubt, self loathing and being depleted of happiness and joy. Life doesn’t need to stay like that! There is always a new… Read more »

Pull up your Anchor

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Sometimes in life we just float along in the river, we may be in a boat, ebbing and flowing with where the water might take us.  But quite often we get stuck.  Maybe it’s a branch or a rock or a tree that stops us dead in our tracks and we feel powerless to move… Read more »

Have You Tried the Oil From the Tree of Life?

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Some people say coconut oil is the healthiest oil on Earth. Others believe the jury is still out when it comes to awarding any particular oil with the title of “healthiest.” Indeed, those who use essential oils understand that there are many varieties of oils with many different applications that may be used to benefit… Read more »