Sometimes in life we just float along in the river, we may be in a boat, ebbing and flowing with where the water might take us.  But quite often we get stuck.  Maybe it’s a branch or a rock or a tree that stops us dead in our tracks and we feel powerless to move forward.  Sometimes we get so used to the stop that we stick our anchor in and just complain that we will never move forward.  We may even pray for movement forward, but not really know how to move forward.  We can see the sun shining down the river not too far away, but are not sure how to get past the place where we are stuck.

I’ve found through personal experience that sometimes we need to just FLOW with the river to receive the Blessings or Sunshine waiting within our view. Sometimes pulling up your anchor or pushing around obstacles can be difficult.  Quite often all it takes is focusing on that sunshine that you want to get to instead of the obstacles in our path.  You see, what we Focus on Expands.  I have a great example of this.  A while ago my husband and daughter were fixated on Red Titan Trucks.  Over the next several months, everywhere we drove we always saw 4 or 5 Red Titan trucks.  I thought to myself, how on earth could there be that many people with that exact truck.  But what we were Focusing on Expanded.  If we had focused on a Red Slug Bug as my kids like to call them, I’m sure we would have seen plenty of those.

Another example is if you focus on people not liking you, then that is certainly what you will find, whether or not it is true.   Or if you focus on never having enough money, that is what you will find.  I would suggest a complete overhaul on our thinking to move forward down the river of life.  Focus on what we want instead of what we don’t want and see if we can get different results in our life, to see if we can in fact reach that Sunshine we’ve been hoping for.

A great little trick that I’ve come to find helpful, is to write down all of the thoughts that are negative and to flip them into a positive!!  Start saying them as if they are happening in your life presently.  In my previous examples, I would change them to be: Everyone around me likes me and values me or I always have more than enough money to pay for the things I need.

Take the time Today to take an inventory of your thinking!!  Pull up your anchor, kick the tree branches and rocks our of your way and flow to the Sunshine that you’ve been dreaming about.  Make your dreams a reality by changing  your thinking and putting in time and effort for the things that will truly make you happy!!

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