Essential Oils for Your Vacation

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Now that vacation season has finally arrived, many families are setting off to far-flung destinations for a little rest and relaxation. But just like a wedding, no matter how much you plan, you’re bound to encounter some vacation-related challenges. Of all the Essential Oils that you should take with you on summer vacation, place Lavender… Read more »

Prepare Your Family With a Natural First Aid Kit

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Anyone who has watched the news or seen the newspaper headlines will have heard about the tragic disasters that befell Nepal within the past few weeks. Nepal has suffered two remarkably powerful earthquakes: On April 25, Nepal endured a 7.8-magnitude earthquake, and then it was hit by another 7.3-magnitude earthquake on May 12. In addition… Read more »

Spring Cleaning With Essential Oils

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Now that springtime has finally arrived, it’s time for spring cleaning once again! Everything else in nature is starting fresh, so it’s time to do the same with your own household! Even if your home looks tidy at first glance, you might be surprised (or horrified) to learn what’s lurking beneath the surface. For instance,… Read more »