The Zyto Compass is something that I personally love to use for my family. The Zyto Compass uses advanced technology, combined with the body’s natural energy field, to establish a communication link between you and the computer. The Zyto then sends stimuli and records the body’s responses in a conversation known as biocommunication. The software then provides a reading, including oils suggestions based on your specific needs. I have found that as I scan, the oils that are suggested for me quite often have an emotional root. I look up the oils in my “Emotions and Essential Oils” book and see the emotions that the particular oil addresses. It is always right on with what I am dealing with in my life. I have also found that the physical ailments that are connected with that emotionally rooted problem seem to just fade away as the emotion is addressed. The Zyto scanner helps to identify deficiencies and it is awesome to see how I feel more connected emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually as I use the oils that it suggests.

I use it for my kids and husband as well to see what they need. One of my favorite ways to address their needs is to make up a lotion base for them and add the oils to it so they can easily put on the oils they need for that week.

I know the Zyto Compass can be a great asset for you as you strive to enhance your wellness and health. Click here to learn more and to order your own today!