Are you ready to feel centered, peace, and balance amid all the turmoil going on in the world?

Do you love a natural approach to support your nervous and immune systems during these trying times?

Have you wondered how to pull it together and manage your own emotions so you can help others, rather than freeze with fear?

Emotional Release work is a great way to clear heavy emotions and Essential Oils support and calm the body while assisting in releasing emotions.

As a Certified Simply Healed Practitioner, I am qualified to assist you in releasing emotion, teaching you simple mindset tools to create a new story for your life, and will muscle test essential oils for you that will best support your healing process.

I’m offering you a f*ree 15 minute consultation where we will accomplish 3 things:

  1. Identify and release 3 or more emotions
  2. Receive 3 or more affirmations
  3. Muscle test for oils that will assist in your healing.

This is a $65 value.  Sign up for a time below now!!  I’m excited to talk with you!

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