Welcome to the Daily Balance of the Chakras Program!!!

I’m so glad you are joining our group!!

You get to sit back and relax and I will balance and clear and balance your Chakras as part of a group- Monday through Friday for a month for less than $1 per balance!!

I will post the results and affirmations that come up Monday through Friday on our Private Facebook page. There is no obligation to stay apart of the group, but the benefits will be amazing!!  Please take a moment to email me the URL for your Facebook page so that I can add you to our page.  [email protected]

Daily Chakra Balance helps to propel you forward in your life and is a great way to clear the heart and mind of negative energetic clutter so that you are more open to live your Divine Purpose.

SimplyHealed™ is the modality of energy healing that I use and it is thorough at getting to the root of an issue quickly without a lot of drama.  It is safe, quick, and graceful.  I always follow where the energy leads because each person’s energy has a highest priority of importance.  As we clean up and release the lower vibrations, which unblocks energy, then the body can align and heal from there.

Just a reminder, this work will be done remotely, so there is no need to take part in person.  I can’t wait to see the transformation in your life as you take part in this daily balance and raise your vibrations!!