Thank you for signing up for the 3 Recorded Energy Sessions per month.  You will get three separate emails throughout the month.  Generally, these will come on on Wednesday, so you can be watching your in box.

If you added on your family and pets, they will be included in the energy healing session.  The work is done,and energetically sent to them like a present, but it is up to them if they want to accept it or not.

If you would like to upgrade your package to include family and pets. You can still add that feature on here for only $39/month

I am so proud of you for embarking on a healing journey.  I invite you to keep track of your progress in a notebook and write down the changes that you are noticing.  Remember that what we focus on expands.  If you are looking for changes and expecting them, you will find them!!

I wish you all the love and light in the world on this journey to healing.  If you wish to work with me one on one on any matter, please feel free to reach out to my team at [email protected] with your contact information and I will be happy to contact you for a free consultation.

As promised, you will receive your two 2 Free Energy Healing Sessions on Relationships and Aligning with Your Perfect Weight in your welcome email.

Have an amazing Day!!