“Energy work has been a wonderful addition to our natural lifestyle.  Tara has done some amazing work for me and my family.  She has helped me get through some tough generational issues along with past childhood issues.  By doing energy work on my children I’ve been able to better understand what they are going through, which in turn helps me to be a better mother to them.  Thank you Tara for the wonderful gift of emotional healing.  ~Sarah G., Utah


“This summer I hurt my knee really bad.  It kept me from doing activities that I love.  I went to the doctor for an MRI and therapy and couldn’t get my knee to feel better.  It was progressing, but not a lot.  I woke up one morning and the pain was gone.  I attributed this to the energy work that Tara had been doing for me that day.  Once that negative energy was released it healed quickly.  Tara is very talented at doing energy work and she is good at explaining how it works and how it will help you in day to day life.”- Kelsee J.~ Utah


“I highly recommend Tara!  She worked on me and it helped me a ton!  I have struggled with feet pain and the emotions of going through a  horrible divorce recently.  It was very stressful and after Tara worked on me, a ton of my pain disappeared.  I felt a huge relief physically, emotionally and spiritually.  It really helped me and I am so grateful.  Tara has a gift and the training and desires to bless others she comes in contact with.”  ~ Jaylene Wegener~ Utah


“Thank you so much for working on my son, Hunter. I loved your easy and down to earth explanations from the session. Using your intuition to help guide us to the areas needing attention, helping bring in as much light as possible. I appreciate you being apart of my families healing journey. It was exactly what our family needed.” Mandee R.~ Arkansas