Secret Sauce 12 Month Mentoring Program

Are you ready to reach your goals now?
Do you want to see and enjoy the fruit of your labors?
Are you ready to make a difference in this world?
Do you want to see the success and growth you’ve been dreaming about?

I’m so excited to have you join my Secret Sauce Mentoring Group.  This group will give you all the tools you need to succeed in your life, in relationships, business or any other goal and dream you desire.  As well as the momentum and accountability you’ve been searching for.  

There are 3 parts to this secret sauce and boy will I deliver.  

The three parts include mindset tools, universal laws, and a mentor.  I also add the bonus of energy clearing.

Every month you will get: 

  1. One hour group session per month on Mindset Tools. 
  2. One hour group session per month on Universal Laws.
  3. One hour group mentoring/energy clearing session per month to work on  your specific Goals and desires.
  4. One personal mentoring and energy clearing session per month with Tara or one of her team members to work on your personal desires.
  5. A Ticket to attend an all day retreat where you will get pampered and receive amazing training from my expert panel.

All sessions will be recorded so if you cannot attend the training’s at the appointed times,  you will receive the recording.  

You will also receive Access to our private Facebook page where all Course material and discussions can be accessed.  This will also be a place where you can get input and answers to things you are working on.


“Tara is a very intuitive, kind and sensitive person. She is very knowledgeable and talented in teaching people how to change their lives for the better! If you are looking for ways to bring more joy, good health and abundance into your life Tara is the girl for you! She will help you step by step to overcome your old “story” and create a new story for your life! She has helped me so much to be able to overcome the overwhelmed and insecure feelings I have and to be able to move forward in my life. Thank you Tara!”

“Thank you so much for working on my son, Hunter. I loved your easy and down to earth explanations from the session. Using your intuition to help guide us to the areas needing attention, helping bring in as much light as possible. I appreciate you being apart of my families healing journey. It was exactly what our family needed.” Mandee R.~ Arkansas

“Energy work has been a wonderful addition to our natural life style.  Tara has done some amazing work for me and my family.  She has helped me get through some tough generational issues along with past childhood issues.  By doing energy work on my children I’ve been able to better understand what they are going through, which in turn helps me to be a better mother to them.  Thank you Tara for the wonderful gift of emotional healing.”- Sarah G.~Utah

Are you ready to have more time, abundance, joy in relationships, to manifest your goals and dreams quickly and easily?  I can teach you the mindset tools, universal laws, mentor you and energy work that is going to put you in alignment with your goals and dreams.  These tools will bless the rest of your life as you apply them year after year.


The cost for this year long program is only $397 a month.  If you choose to pay in full.  You can drop one payment off the total.

Yes, sign me up for the Month by month Program $397:

Yes, Save one full payment by paying in full: