doTERRA VerágeTM Skin Care Collection is an exclusive collection of Natural Skin Care products that nourish your skin, helping to reduce the visible Signs of Aging while also promoting smooth, supple skin. The advanced plant technology used in Veráge promotes an optimal lipid balance- the same balance found in healthy, youthful-looking skin. Each product is composed of true gifts of the earth- nourishing plant extracts, pure and potent essential oils, and select natural ingredients. The Verage Skin Care Collection delivers benefits your skin will love naturally.  Here is a great article from doTERRA’s living magazine about this collection.

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Watch this video and learn what several Skin Care Experts experienced when using this collection.  Remember that these Natural Products are Free of all the additives and fillers found in ordinary skin care product. You won’t be disappointed in the results!

Discover the All Natural & Effective Veráge Skin Care Line

The Reveal Facial System is a two-step process that will give your face a spa-like treatment, bringing the glow of your skin’s radiance and beauty to the surface.  It features citrus essential oils of Lime and Wild Orange to purify the skin.  It also contains tiny polishing beads and botanical enzymes to exfoliate dead skin cells.  The protein building peptides support healthy and youth-looking skin and the nutrient rich formula helps to maintain a radiant complexion.  Check out this video on the Reveal Facial System.

Feel Immediate Radiance with doTERRA’s New Reveal Facial System!

Here’s what one expert had to say:

“The reveal Facial System is my most favorite skin care product that I have ever used.  I’ve been involved with professional skin care lines for over 15 years, and it is like nothing I have ever used before.  It’s better than any exfoliant and better than any mask.  The combination of effects creates instant change on my skin.  It feeds my skin, hydrates, evens my tone, and leaves my skin looking and feeling amazing!  I have seen incredible results using the Reveal Facial System.  I couldn’t live without it!” –Brianne H., Utah, USA

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**These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are intended for educational purposes only.  They are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease and are not a substitute for professional healthcare.  All recommendations are based on third party research of essential oils and their effectiveness when used for the above listed ailments.  See for references to some of those studies.  Check out the research and make your own decisions based on complete information.