Are you …
– Suffering from seasonal depression?
– Navigating major life transitions?
– In need of a business breakthrough?
– Feeling overwhelmed or frustrated?
– Dealing with Relationship dynamics that are causing you pain or frustration?
– Suffering from muscle aches & pains or back problems?
– Feeling weighed down from the past and are ready to start a new chapter?
Anything that is rooted in past trauma, limiting beliefs or blocked emotions can benefit from Energy Therapy.

Often our light gets dimmed down by life and negative experiences.  Through the gift of energy work I quickly and easily clear out the negative energy and empower you to turn your light back up.  As your light begins to shine you will feel a more abundant JOY and peace as you live from your authentic self.  This joy then can transfer into relationships, business, health and a new outlook on life.  I love using the SimplyHealed method because it really is that Simple to turn your light up and live your divine purpose.

In honor of the Grand Opening of my new practice as a Certified SimplyHealed Practitioner, I would like to offer you a New Year Special for being among my first clients.  So far, the clients that have had sessions really love the benefits they are experiencing!

“Energy work has been a wonderful addition to our natural life style.  Tara has done some amazing work for me and my family.  She has helped me get through some tough generational issues along with past childhood issues.  By doing energy work on my children I’ve been able to better understand what they are going through, which in turn helps me to be a better mother to them.  Thank you Tara for the wonderful gift of emotional healing.” ~Sarah Green, St. George, UT

Energy work through the SimplyHealed™ method is an easy, non-invasive way to release anxiety, stress, false beliefs, trauma, fears and more.  It is a super effective way to get rid of negative energy blocks and it works on the emotional, mental and physical levels.

 “Energy work is a perfect fit for Tara.  She is a natural at it, and being in tune with people’s energy is absolutely one of Tara’s gifts.  She can sense and feel things that others can’t. Tara has done several energy sessions and work on me and some of my children.  Every time when she is done I feel so peaceful.  Ten years ago I had a major surgery that left me afterward for a year suffering from anxiety and panic attacks.  Three weeks ago I had another similar surgery.  Tara did energy work on me right after my surgery.  I know it has made a huge difference in my recovery.  I have not suffered any anxiety and panic and I feel so peaceful.  I am the mother of eight children and I am trying to get Christmas ready and my son’s wedding on Dec. 31 while still recovering.  Normally I would be panicking and be a wreck, but I am very calm and know it will all work out.  I know Tara’s energy work with me has been one of the main reasons for this.  I have also seen her help other family members successfully as well as herself with physical and emotional problems.  I know with lots and lots of practice energy work can be learned, but to Tara it just comes naturally and is one of her gifts.  I highly recommend her services.” – Kimberly Cluff

 I’m so excited to work with you!!excited girl

Book your 50 minute phone session HERE and make your payment below!! $55

In this 50 minute phone session, I will find and release/correct as many imbalances  and  identify, release, and replace negative beliefs with positive affirmations, we will work on generational issues that keep you stuck and acknowledge and connect with the divine worth of your authentic self as your body , and time allows. Sessions can often be targeted to one or more specific issues with the client calling the practitioner at the appointed time. (Regular price is $125)

**Payment for service required when appointment is scheduled. Please give 48 hours notice to change an appointment. If no notice is given, I will complete the session remotely and email the results.

I am honoring this price until the end of January so please pass this special on to friends and family who may be interested in getting some amazing energy work done at a reduced price!!