boils-s2b-photo-of-two-boilsI have used Essential Oils for five years now and have found them to be a Powerful Alternative to over-the-counter medication. About 5 years ago, my husband was repeatedly getting boils and at one time had over 20 boils. If you aren’t sure what a boil is, it starts as a hard, red, painful lump usually less than an inch in size. Within a few days the lump becomes larger, and more painful. A pocket of pus forms on the top of the boil and it can become red, painful, and swollen.

We had been to doctor after doctor in search of an answer, but all they could give us was an antibiotic and send us on our way. We were frustrated with the reoccurring boils and wanted to get to the root of the problem, not just another Band-Aid.

His immune system was challenged because of the constant use of antibiotics and so he was sick a lot as well. We began to pray to find the answers to this problem. I felt impressed to rub the inside of orange peels and banana peels on his boils. When a boil would appear, we would rub the inside of the orange peel and banana peel on his boils and we saw remarkable progress. We were happy to have a temporary fix, but still wanted to get to the root of the problem.

I was invited to attend an Essential Oils class and was intrigued as I learned that Essential Oils are steam distilled from plants and cold pressed from the rind of fruit and could be used as natural medicine to assist in health and wellness.  Orange Oil comes from the rind of the fruit, and we had been using the rind of orange peels on his boils.

I truly believe that God has put everything on this Earth that we need for Health and Wellness.  It was an “aha” moment, and I realized that there had to be more solutions with Natural Medicine.

We talked with other holistic-minded people and found that too much stress, too much refined sugar, and a lack of green leafy vegetables were the main culprits to the boils. We did an overhaul with his diet and began to incorporate green drinks every day and to work on stress management.

Because my husband had been on antibiotics for so long, his immune system was super low. We first did a cleanse of his intestines and then we purchased a powerful 3-day probiotic from a whole foods store, and then kept him on a lower dose probiotic continually. Next, we got him on some amazing whole food supplements.  These assisted his body with a good foundation for wellness and filled in deficiencies. Then we began using Essential Oils to fill in the cracks.  Orange oil is an amazing essential oil and we found it to be a powerful oil to assist with occasional irritations to his skin.  The other oils that we used to promote healthy skin were Melaleuca, Immune blend, and Frankincense, as well as the anti aging blend and skin clearing blends. Yay for natural remedies!!

I am so grateful for natural remedies and for God’s Pharmacy that allows me to take care of my family in a natural way.

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**These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are intended for educational purposes only.  They are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease and are not a substitute for professional healthcare.  All recommendations are based on third party research of essential oils and their effectiveness when used for the above listed ailments.  See for references to some of those studies.  Check out the research and make your own decisions based on complete information.