Read through the list and make note of the joyful affirmations that stand out to you.  I would suggest recording yourself saying them on your phone and listening to them several times during the day.  Joyful Affirmations are a great way to reprogram the subconscious to think what we want it to.  Your subconscious mind may not believe you at first, but with repetition, you will see some positive changes in no time!  Get a FREE printable PDF of these below.  I use these joyful affirmations in conjunction with energy healing with my clients.  When we move the negative clutter, we immediately plug in positive affirmations.  Learn more about energy healing here.

mountains-nature-sky-sunny (1)

I am a loving, joyful person.

I am safe.

I am welcomed with joy wherever I am.

All is well in my world and life gets better all the time.

I peacefully move toward my hopes and aspirations.

I am a joyful breeze entering a room.

Great things are coming to me daily.

I feel creative, inspired, joyful and vibrant.

I feel abundance all around and within me.

Everything is working out for my highest good.

I am aligned with my true spiritual nature.

My heart is filled with Joy.

My life is full of joyful surprises.

I am joyful every day and create joy for others.

I am loved by friends, family and complete strangers.

I see endless possibilities before me.

I love, accept and approve of myself.

I am attracting joyful people into my life.

I take action and produce great results.

I relax and enjoy life.  Whatever I need to know is revealed to me in the perfect time and space sequence.

I choose to be a messenger of hope and inspiration.

I am open to receive.

Are you ready to live a more Joyful Life?

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